Are you part of the Revolution?

Last week we celebrated the Fourth of July and that made me think about history and how we are a nation of diversity. We have doers, thinkers, and slackers. Which one are you? Are you happy with the status quo or do you have a rebellious streak in you?

I'm a doer and a thinker and I have a rebellious streak in me - I always have, even as a kid. As a teenager I didn't like to follow the rules and was lucky not to get into any trouble. You might find it ironic that I joined the US Navy when I graduated from High School. The military is all about rules. I became a Section Leader in bootcamp and led a section of the women. I can't remember if I was responsible for 20 women or 40, there were 80 women in our division. I was also one of a few women that was responsible for our division to pass inspection - we never failed. Beds had to be made to specification and items in each locker had to be folded and placed exactly the same in every locker. I understand following rules.

But sometimes you need to revolt! Don't be happy with status quo. Don't just settle for what's safe. Be aggressive and try something radical. You can always learn from failure. Make a plan, but be strategic about it.

Learn from our forefathers and be a part of the revolution and make good things happen!

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